Monday, April 9, 2012

CNY 2012

I have been thinking of stopping writing blog and also that i have stop visiting blogs as i'm quite lazy to do updating and also i have been into facebook most of the time.

Recently, during a family gathering, one of my relative was telling me something which i will not mention here, makes me think of writing blog again.  Don't know, see how first.

Backdated my post to Chinese New Year 2012.

First day of Chinese New Year, went to my mum's side relative, normally every year she will cook for every visitors and we will eat lunch/dinner at her place.  I loves her wu xiang very much (i did not take picture of it) and before Chinese New Year, i have request from her for some extra to bring home to eat.

Normally, we will have a Lim's family gathering on the first day of Chinese New Year at my 大伯 house, but as my 大伯 and his wife was away to the States visiting my cousins (my 大伯 has 3 childrens, two daughter and 1 son), the eldest daughter and son has migrate to the States.  They only came back on the first day of Chinese New Year. So we had a gathering at my 三姑 house on the second day of Chinese New Year.

Every year, my 三姑  will prepare this dish and it was well receive by many of us.

And also not forgetting to 捞鱼生.

On the third day of Chinese New Year, went to my 舅舅 house and his wife prepare this home made lotong.

On the sixth day of Chinese New Year, went to my friend house in the afternoon for a gathering and she prepared 饺子 (loves her 饺子 very much).

Actually i have another gathering in the evening but i didn't go cos i wanted very much to go watch 狮城小肥肥郑盈盈 host getai.  Her so call "darling" 王伟良 was there to sing. 

Seventh day of Chinese, went in to Johor Bahru to find Catherine.  At first i was very worry about jam when coming back, but luckily there was no jam in the causeway.

Thirteen day of Chinese New Year, went to watch getai hosted by 盈盈 and 伟良.


  1. 回来吧!回来吧!不要懒惰哦~

  2. sharon,不要放弃部落格啦!回来这里呀^^

  3. nice to see you back in action..I love wu xiang too, learn from your mom and teach me huh..

  4. 对咯~不要放弃这么可爱的家嘛^^

  5. Rizalenio

    Not bad...




    So we same same, hehe...




    hehe... the wu xiang made by my grand aunt, hehe...



  6. Stop blogging??? Oh no...don't stop! I think blogging is fun. Just blog when you are free. It's very difficult to pick up the momentum again once you stop. Lovely to see u on FB often! :D Love all the food here. Now I wish CNY is here again! :D Take care and hope u hv fun everyday! MaryMoh at

  7. Sharon, don't stop..I will miss your pictures very much.
    I love all the pictures that you posted. They look so nice and they tell me about the places that i have not been and food that I have not eaten.
    Do it at your own pace. Me too sometime really busy with my kids until I can't update my blog as I should...hahaha may be a bit lazy also sometime..
    Take care and have a lovely weekend.

  8. Mui Mui



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