Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Angeline is my getai kaki, a very nice lady, blessed to have known her,  got to know her through facebook and her birthday falls on end February and she invited us to Sakura Buffet to makan.  Before that, she has also arrange gathering for us to meetup.

Picture taken when cutting the cake

As Angeline likes Doraemon, her family got her a Doraemon birthday cake

Angeline grandson 乐乐 2 years old birthday falls on mid of March, she holds a birthday party for him at her house and invite us over for the birthday party.

How times flies, my cousin ( 大姑 son) daughter Samantha is one year old already, as her birthday falls on weekday (21st Mar), my cousin hold a birthday party at my 大姑 condo on a weekend (17th Mar).

Samantha birthday cake

My 健谈 cousin (四姑 daughter) swimming at my 大姑 condo


  1. 你们吃的蛋糕都很可爱呀!我会不舍得吃的!^^

  2. The baby so cute. Can pinch the cheek ka?

  3. 全部都是卡通蛋糕,我好喜欢,哈哈!

  4. Lovely cakes and lovely people you have there..Happy Birthday to all..:D

  5. 好想念sakura~以前定时跟朋友去叹的^^

  6. Vincent

    Ya lor, very cute... hehe...

    Small Kucing

    hehe... yes!!! yes!!!


    All are cute ya... hehe...


    Yes, it's cute, hehe...

    mui mui

    Yes!!! Yes!!!


    Too bad u not in Singapore, if not we can go together...


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