Friday, November 11, 2011

Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge ~The Asian Face-Off~

The yearly Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge which takes place in Ngee Ann Civil Plaza is back on 29th Oct and in it's 10 years. This year, there's 10 participants each from China, Cambodia, Indonesia Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and 310 participants from Singapore.

Car that the participants have to place their hands on and the last person whose place his/her hand on the car will walk away with a Subaru car.

Attending a briefing before the start of the challenge

DJ Flying Dutchman answering questions on those participants asked

DJ Glenn Ong answering questions on those participants asked

Got permission from the Taiwan Team to snap a picture of them

Asian Countries taking part in the challenge

Before the start of the Challenge

Flagging off the challenge

Regional participants

Singapore participants

It's started to raining but the competitions still goes on

Public challenge for the public to take part to win some prizes

Having their 5 mins break after 6 hours, where the participants will have their meals, go massage, loos, etc.

Winner for this year is a 42 year old Sales Manager from Singapore who stood there for 75 hours 36 mins.


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  3. Vincent

    I only take part in the Public Challenge, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    Ya, long hours ya...


    I only take part in the Public Challenge, haha...

  4. ha ha, have to wait so long then only go to loo....have to wear diapers liao!

  5. Pete

    They are not allow to wear diapers, hehe...

  6. Hi Sharon...i m KC Chong...the last man standing of the 2011 Asian face off....if you have more pictures and videos , please do share with us facebook is


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