Monday, October 17, 2011

Rojak Dish

Saw Pete's Cauliflower with Quail Eggs Recipe in his blog, and that i have not eat quail eggs for quite sometimes, sudden have a crave for it, so went to buy quail eggs, mushroom. Friend recommend a brand luncheon meat that her colleague recommended her, so also bought a can and cook it into a dish.


  1. I love both luncheon meat and quail eggs......good combination....mmmmm, now I am thinking of using lucheon meat with quail eggs in

  2. roja but as long as delish...dont care la LOL

  3. Pete

    Me also loves luncheon meat, hehe...


    haha... ya lor... hehe...

    Small Kucing

    I got the idea from Pete's blog, hehe...

  4. 哇!我以为是水果rojak,原来这些材料也能做出一道美味的rojak.


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