Thursday, September 29, 2011


There's a period when i saw quite a number of bloggers friends eating crepe, but so far i have not try before. Previous sun (18th Sept) , as i was quite free and was thinking of Catherine as i have not see her for quite sometimes, so i gave her a call that morning to ask if she will be available to meetup, she was telling me she's free after 1pm or 2pm, so i told her, i will go over to Johor Bahru and was asking her abt KSL City as i heard about this shopping centre but have not been there before. Catherine and her daughter pick me up at City Sqaure and we went to KSL City. We pass by a bakery shop when we saw this crepe and i was quite excited, so end up, we bought 3 pcs of crepe and as there was no table for us to sit there to eat, we went to the nearby KFC and buy drink and eat the crepe.

Whole Crepe

Mocha Crepe

Strawberry Crepe

Cheese Crepe

Saw on Tuesday news that Philippines having a Typhoon, as friend JG hubby went Manila on a business trip on Monday and JG and their 2nd daughter went with him. Was quite worried when i saw the news that i gave her a call, but she did not answer and send her sms, but also no reply. But was happy to receive a reply sms from her yesterday morning that they are doing fine.


  1. 我最喜欢吃mille crepe了!久久肯定会吃一次啊!

  2. 好吃吗?

  3. 非一凡

    第一次看到是从阿香那里看到, hehe...


    第一次看到是从阿香那里看到, hehe...


    第一次看到是从阿香那里看到, hehe...

  4. 我们3人吃共吃3片不同口味的mille crepe,有点腻的说。。哈哈。。。。

  5. C@therine

    有一片我们还吃不完, hehe...

  6. 这个吃太多就会腻的~
    品尝就好 =)

  7. I do like crepe so much.
    If u love to make it, i do have the recipe of mille crepe on my blog. :)

  8. min~aris

    This is my first time eating it... hehe...


    hehe... This one not easy to make, i very lazy to make... hehe...


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