Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Choa Chu Kang Columbarium (22nd March 2014)

Bus no. 405 operates during Qing Ming period, Good Friday, First Ramadan, Hari Raya Ruasa, Hari Raya Haji, Deepavali Period, All Souls's Day.

As Qing Ming is approaching and Bus no. 405 from Boon Lay Bus Interchange is in operation, took this bus to Choa Chu Kang Columbarium where my father ashes was placed.

Screen showing the timing of the buses

Previous year, there's no shelter at this bus stop, till last year, saw that there's a shelter.

Pass by this canal

Path leading to the Columbarium

Pass by this tree


Gate Opening Hours

Main Directory


Opposite the Columbarium is the burial area


  1. This Columbarium is so well maintained. So you have performed your respect to your late father earlier than the cheng beng day. That is very good, no need to rush with others on the actual day.

  2. May the souls of all dearly departed rest in peace.

  3. This is the time where families from far also will come back to pay their respects..

  4. good morning Sharon!!

    ah, i remember this Choa Chu Kang Columbarium because you also blogged about it last year.. i remember some of the photos..

    you took the same photos of some spots, like the bus station, the entrance, the path, the tree.. nice!! can compare them every year..

    good morning everyone and have a great day ahead :)

  5. The tree is so unique, I like it!!! =]

  6. This bus is only operational during these 'extra peak' period?

  7. Good Afternoon Sharon.

    Nice weather today... So sad to read this post. You are such a good daughter to remember him.

  8. You journey photos before reaching made me wanna cry. The columbarium is neat and clean!

  9. How nice to have dedicated bus service to the place.

    It sure look serene there.

  10. Mun

    I ever went one year, nearer to the day, it was crowded and also traffic jam...




    Yes, it is...


    Good evening..

    Ya, blogged about it before last year...

    You too have a great day ahead...


    That's why i was attracted to the tree, hehe...


    Yes, it it...

    There's a bus operating everyday, but it's along the main road, have to walk quite a distance in...

    Twilight Man

    Good evening...

    The weather here is hot today...

    You too have a good day...


    But only on certain period of the year...

    Small Kucing

    Yes, it is...

  11. Thanks in the lovely and somewhat splendid share.

    Found oneself awake in the late middle of this night in Singapore after the news on the Sabah earthquake, with some sincerity amidst frankness the numbness or nonchalance is apparent by now after several Malaysian planes missing, a major Malaysian flood, and now a Malaysian earthquake amidst Mahathir's rants about Najib.

    Amen or Sadhu, eventually I still have to die.

    Still, because my eldest aunt Mdm Ong Swee Lam had passed on at 47 or 48 as a Buddhist, i.e. her youngest sister had converted her into Buddhism before she died, so over the past two decades all I knew was that she was buried at neighbouring Choa Chu Kang Cemetery without knowing exactlly where. With the government policy of exhumation after 15 years, by now she or her remains are also due for exhumation since 2013. I spoke with my mother about it, suggesting that I need to visit her grave during Ching Ming, yet on one hand I too was quite positively certain that her offsprings i.e. my cousins had looked into this matter asap, yet on the other hand precisely because her remains have possibly being exhumed asap, so around the same time as the same aunt - that made my eldest aunt become a buddhist - she also made me and another cousin go for triple gem refuge with her as well as my maternal grandmother before she died in 2012, as a consequence or otherwise 'the buddhists' are somewhat psuedo-ly under my area of care and jurisdiction. As far as this possibly exhumed ancestor Swee Lam is concerned, she would be a grandmother by now if still alive. @_@

    Still, the fact that I didn't see her urn after exhumation, I also don't have any idea.

    I won't want my only surviving mother and other grandmother to get the excuse to live forever when Swee Lam dies young, it's a Christ concept, somebody dying young for the others to live while being forgiven of their sins, the fact that Lee Kuan Yew boldly lived till 92 suggested that if Jesus was right to die at 33 for us I shouldn't even need to remember Lee Kuan Yew who lived thrice the sentient lifespan of Jesus which is what the government wants of kids today as a matter of politics not faith.


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