Thursday, December 26, 2013

Orchard Road @ Christmas Day (25th December 2013)

Usually i will go Orchard Road during Christmas Day to take a look at the floats as in previous year, but this year they do away with it as understand from a lady whom i talk to, she mention that they want something different.  Didn't ask too much as do not want to take up too much of her time.

Used to go at night time and it's extremely crowded, to avoid the crowds, went in the afternoon.

Signboard indicating the road closure

Stage setup in progress for the night performance

Road closure from 1pm (25th Dec) to 1am (26th Dec)


  1. good afternoon Sharon

    wow, it was so happening in Orchard Road huh??

    i bet the atmosphere must be very nice there during Christmas.. :)

    good afternoon everyone

    have a good day ahead!! :)

  2. Wow, thought Orchard Road only famous with its night LED light decorations, never know they're so happening at day time!!!

  3. Tried to avoid Orchard Road during christmas as it will be very crowded and jam, I once went Orchard Road during Christmas Eve night, and the crowds were crazy like hell, everyone very high and wishing strangers merry christmas, haha but a lot of foreign workers at Orchard during Christmas, very scare that they will fight or do anything dangerous...

  4. wow, orchard road was so busy on christmas day! It must be really crowded.

  5. SK

    Good morning...

    Every year during Christmas day, there will be road closure...

    You too have a great day and weekend ahead....


    Night time too crowded, give it a miss, kaka...

    Sock Peng

    If not night time very crowded...


    That why i didn't go during night time as few years back, went night time and it's so crowded till hard to walk...


    Afternoon still ok, night time will be extremely crowded...

  6. Ahhhhh!!! A Christmas Parade! Nice! I usually stayed at Supreme, somewhere behind Centrepoint...when I used to go over. Been a while now, no money now. :(

  7. 我当天也在这一带呢!看跳舞的位置,我在左手边那里看呢~:D

  8. Good morning Sharon!

    Looks like the crowd is heavy! Sure a happening place!

  9. Orchard Road is getting too crowded. I brought overseas visitors and a group of children to see the Christmas light up. And we could only see a small part of the decors as it was taking us too much time to push our way through the crowds.

  10. Suituapui

    Maybe i will get a surprise visit from you... wink wink...


    Didn't know you are there, if not can arrange to meet there...


    Good morning...

    At night will be extremely crowded...

    East Coast Life

    Ya, very crowded nowadays, that why i avoided going in the night....

  11. Hello Sharon, I did not know that Orchard Road was closed to traffic on Christmas day. This is nice.

    P/S Thank you for your Christmas card. It is lovely!

  12. Mun

    Every year during Christmas, they will close the road...

    Good to hear that you have receive it... :)

  13. Very happening over there. :)

  14. Goodness Orchard Road. Two years ago we stayed in Marina Orchard. As soon as we stepped out we are drowned in the crowds! All the time! Back then I find it a nuisance as I was having a 4 year old with me. But now thinking back, it was FUN! :D

  15. Orchard Road is one of the best spot for Christmas decorations. Haven't visited for several years already.... :(

  16. Rose

    Every year the same...


    Ya, it was extremely crowded, especially at night...


    Yes, it is... :)


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