Monday, September 2, 2013

Getai @ Ubi Ave 1 Blk 3021 (16th Aug 2013) 农历七月初十

As now is Lunar 7th Month, me is busy chasing after getai and after back from watching getai, i'm already tired.

歌台@乌美1路大牌3021 ~ 好运歌舞秀
乐队 :遥滚
司仪 :黄志强/郑盈盈

王紫薇 - the younger sister of 龙飞风舞,first time see her.

The host - 狮城小肥肥郑盈盈, from Kuantan, there's another male host, but he arrived a bit late as he has lost his way.

何佩霖 - she has not been singing for about 2 years has she's pregnant and has just come back singing.

The host 黄志强/郑盈盈, the male host 黄志强, he's from Malaysia and can sing in male and female voice.

Alan - first time see him

林凯莉 - from Taiwan

Liying - from China and married to a Singaporean husband


Hui Mei(Hope I didn’t get it wrong) - from Malaysia

郑盈盈/黄志强 - Before going back, went backstage to take picture of the host.


  1. I don't know any of them...!!! =[

  2. hello there sharon, long time no see..

  3. hi there everyone who has been here and who is going to be here.. :)

  4. looks like you had a nice weekend with great getai performance

  5. You sing? Which one your photo?

  6. Wah, their clothes are very colourful!

  7. SK

    Good morning, rainy day...

    Now 7th month, every day there is getai in different locations...

    U too have a great week ahead...

  8. Suituapui

    I can only sing in the bathroom...

  9. Mun

    Normally every year during the lunar 7th month, they will wear new set of clothes...


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