Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year Cookies

Actually in the first place, i have no plan to do any baking till i saw Sonia hosting a Chinese New Year baking event that i was tempted to try out some of the cookies that is submitted.  All are last minute bakes.

Matcha Cranberry & Raisin Cookies from Sonia blog, makes 11 1/2 pieces

麦香小花饼 from 美味情缘 blog, makes 17 1/2 pieces

鸡丝芝麻饼干 from Bernice's Kitchen blog, but i did not add sesame, make 16g, 32 pieces

德国酥饼 from Min's blog

德国酥饼 from Min's blog

Fried Crab Stick


  1. Wah!!! You made your own? I think next year, we will just buy a bit and the cakes too. Those who dropped by did not bother to eat much of those.

    But the food we served was gone in a blink of an eye! We'll cook and serve more next year - sure everybody would like that.

    Supposed to be buffet - you take a bit and eat but they would bring their chairs and sit at the table and eat most of everything - did not take very long for the food to disappear. Just too bad for those who came later.

  2. 第一道这个很吸引我!大口大口吃!嘿嘿…

  3. That's yummy looking cookies and great effort you have put into it!

  4. suituapui

    Thought of trying it out, so made it, hehe...

    See that you folks is good in cooking.... Should take up cookery
    from you folks...

    Normally those who come later, most foods would have disappear liao...


    Pls help yourself, hehe...


    Thank you for your compliment... :)


    hehe... mine is always very big in size.... hehe...

  5. wow... it looks yummy yummy... this year i also din do any baking.. only fried the crab stick

  6. nice taking pictures of cookies. I should have done that.

  7. 蓝蓝

    Trying out recipes which i have not tried before, hehe...




    Next round u take pictures, i see your's, hehe...

  8. Thanks for trying out my recipe..You have done a good job on all these CNY cookies.


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