Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meetup with Serene and family

Serene was in Singapore with her family on 2nd ~ 3rd May and staying in Festive Hotel in Resort World. That morning, when i called her, she was mentioning that she's going Bird Park and not sure what time she will be back in Hotel, so i ask her to let me know when she's done and also to arrange for a meetup. In the afternoon, i called her again and was inform that she didn't go Bird Park as it's raining when she reach there. So we arrange to meet at the Hotel that she's staying.

View from the Hotel Room

View from the Hotel Room

Serene kids, Chen Yi and Chen Xi

Xi Xi

How time flies, Chen Yi is 9 month liao, the last time i saw him is during CNY when he is 6 month old.

That day, May 2th, it's Xi Xi 4th birthday

Serene, nice meeting up with you and hope to meetup with you again soon.


  1. Sharon, I hope to meet you again too... Don't forget to let me know if you come JB, ok!

  2. 不错呢,最近你也忙着meet博客的!:)

  3. 又见网友了哦,很棒讷。。

  4. 好友聚一聚不错咧!

  5. both of them are so cute!! =)

  6. Serene

    Will sure give u a call if i go JB, hehe...


    It is, i'm hoping to meet u too...


    I still waiting for the chance to meet Chi Leong...


    Yes, it is...


    Yes, it is...

    Dear 阿香

    Yes!!! Yes!!! Very cute ya... hehe...

  7. Small Kucing

    Thank you for your compliment!!!

  8. It's always so fun to meet up! :D Hope you have a wonderful day! MaryMoh at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com

  9. Mary

    Yes, it is, i also hope to have chance to meetup with u... hehe...


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