Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meetup with 仪仪妈咪

When ~仪仪妈咪~ inform me that she's coming to Singapore from 10th ~ 13th Apr, it so happen that i will be away from 9th ~ 12th Apr, since i can't meet her from 10th ~ 12th, so we arrange to meet at Airport on 13th Apr since i took a day off.

As her flight is at 11.25 am at Terminal 1, i was at the airport around 9.30am, but she was not there yet, so i thought i will go drink kopi first, so i walk around and saw this Ruyi .

Ordered a turnip cake, char siew pau and a cup of kopi

Ruyi Chinese Fast Food
Changi International Airport T1
#021-034 Level 2
Departure/Check-in Hall East
Tel : 6884 6683
Fax : 6884 6681

After i finish, ~仪仪妈咪~ is not here yet, so i thought i walk around first, i went up to the viewing area to have a look as i have not been to Terminal 1 for quite some time and the last time i went, the viewing area was under renovation.

Departure Area

I was so happy to see them, but too bad time is short, we can't chat for long before they have to go off to catch the flight back to Penang.

Thank to ~仪仪妈咪~ for the gift.

~仪仪妈咪~, i will surely go Penang to look for u all as i have not fulfil the other time told ~Akira~, Die Die go Penang look for him.


  1. so nice can meet yiyi mummy and little yiyi.
    i think all the penang friends is waiting for u la...i am also searching my time pay u a visit.all u can come pekan nanas to visit me too

  2. haha..if you really come penang, remember announce wo, sure many ppl will go meet u :-p

  3. Lol...hope tat time i will in penang too!!!

  4. hahahaha.. you really should plan your trip by now :)

  5. least can meet up. Cute girl

  6. Puddycat Mei Ai

    Yes!!! Yes!!!

    Welcome to Singapore... :)

    I also hope to visit u there, hehe...


    haha... will sure announce to u, hehe...


    I hope to meet u too... hehe...


    Hehe... Must plan already, hehe...

    Small Kuching

    Yi Yi is very cute, but too bad, can't play with her for long...

  7. Die Die must go Penang ,
    I 沙婆 you 。哈哈哈~~

  8. Her daughter look so cute, also remember to visit me one day huh..

  9. 真的很高兴和你见面,其实很paise咯要你特地来机场见面。。你要快快来槟城哦

  10. Kate

    kakaka... Must see when the date for election, then can plan, keke...


    Her daughter is very cute, but too bad can't play with her as not enough time...

    Will sure visit u as i have yet to meet u yet... :)


    I also very happy to meet u...

    Too bad i was away, if not, can meet u on other day too...

    Will sure go Penang look for u, keke...

  11. 你已经跟我说2年了

  12. 我们有一天一定也会见面的~~嘻嘻!

  13. Dear Sock Peng

    Have to wait till after election liao, hehe...


    Yes!!! Yes!!!, We will surely meet...

  14. Die Die must go Penang 讲料很多年咯!


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