Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meetup with Kikey ~ 23rd Mar

I was on my way to meet Kikey when i realise that i forgot to bring my camera, so i have to use my hp to take picture.

昨天请了一天假 and arrange to meet Kikey at Tanjong Pagar MRT for lunch at the nearby hawker centre.

Recommended her the lor mee there as i find it quite nice. They have S$2.50/S$3.00 and the stall is opened from Sun ~ Fri and closed on Saturday.

After our lunch, we walk to Chinatown. After the visit to Chinatown and since there's still time before Kikey goes to the airport to catch her flight back to Penang, we went to Sentosa.

Kikey went into the casino to have a look while i wait outside for her as 我是新加坡公民, have to pay S$100 if i want to get into the casino.

A view of Universal Studio from the outside

We racky Resort World Sentosa for a while before going to Changi Airport. After Kikey check in, we went to have our afternoon tea. While chatting, i nearly choke when mention something about Akira, what is it that's make me nearly choke, that is secret between Kikey and me, keke....


  1. 正巧我五月也要去Sentosa呢!呵呵!

  2. i tot u will post our first meet up before

  3. 肯定有合照

  4. That's interesting that you have to pay $100 to go inside the casino. There's an entrance fee?

    The lor mee looks yummy for $2.50-$3.00.

  5. $2.50 lor mee 很便宜咧!难找了。

  6. Vincent

    Welcome!!! Welcome!!!


    Will post soon... hehe...


    I forgot to bring my camera, so this is using hp to take picture, i didn't use my hp to take picture together...

    Dear Sock Peng

    Have, it's in Kikey camera...

    Xiao Yen Recipes

    Thanks for visiting my blog...

    Entrance fee is only for Singaporean or PR... Foreigner need not pay...

    The lor mee is nice...


    Normally if i eat this stall lor mee, i will order $3 as i like the ingredients, the ingredients is nice...


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