Friday, January 29, 2010

Co-Curricular Activities Open House ~ 9th Jan

As LJ son is in Secondary 1 this year and it is compulsory for every students to enrol in CCA, there's a CCA Open House in LJ son school on 9th Jan to let the students know more about the individual CCA.

Performance by Choir

Upon arrival at the school, we went to the hall where the Principal gave a welcome address, follow by School Family Education, Briefing on CCA Programme and performance by some of the CCA.

After that, LJ and her son went to enquiry about the CCA that her son is interested in and i went around to walk walk.

This is my friend LJ son, he don't like to take picture, so this picture 随意拍的.


  1. Thanks for your concern Sharon,
    i am coming back.

    the school a lot of things to see.

  2. interesting, co-curricular got open day!

  3. So what CCA did your child signed up ? Wishing you and your family a wonderful lunar new year with wealth and good health !

  4. Akira

    It's co-curricular activities, 课外活动。。。

    Puddycat Mei Ai

    Welcome back!!!

    Yes it is on that day...


    Yup yup, got supergirl, kekekeke....


    Yes it is...

    A Full-Timed Housefly

    It's my friend child...

    He join scout and english drama...

    Thank you for your well-wishes, Happy Lunar New Year to u and your family...


    Nice nice ya...


    It's co-curricular activities, 课外活动。。。

  5. last 3 picture! i want it!!!

  6. fufu

    Last picture 随意 take it, sure u want it, hehe...


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