Sunday, November 1, 2009

River City Restaurant

Was at River City Restaurant a-la-carte buffet lunch for birthday celebration.

Braised Shark's Fin w/Crab Meat

Cuttlefish in Thai Style

Stirfried Egg Plants w/Hot & Spicy Sauce

Chicken wrapped in Special Papers

Braised Sea-Cucumbers w/Mushrooms & Broccoli

Boiled Fresh Prawns

Stifried Fresh Scallops w/Celery

Fried Chilli Crabs

Deep Fried Marble-Goby w/Soy Sauce

Fried Beansprouts w/Salted Fish

Fried Shark's Fin Omelette

Deep Fried Shishamo Fish

Baked Black Pepper Crabs

Steamed Red Tilapia w/Bean Sauce

Baked Pork Ribs in Sweet Sauce

Soup of the Day

Fried Sliced Beef w/Spring Onions & Ginger

Braised Ee-Fu Noodles w/Yellow Chives

Roasted Crispy Duck in Lutes Style

Mango Pudding

River City Restaurant
5 Coleman Street,
#04-02 Excelsior Tower
Peninsular Excelsior Hotel
Singapore 179805
Tel : 6339 9969
Fax : 6339 9952
Website :


  1. wow, lots of dishes XD
    i love shishamo !!

    p/s: belated happy birthday ya : )

  2. Wow, so many dishes, can finish all ah? haha.. I love mango pudding and sharksfin soup! ;-))

  3. 吃这么多菜啊?分点给我们吃嘛!^_^

  4. Sasa

    Thank you for your well-wishes....

    They have a lot of dishes there...

    J Sky

    We have 6 person mah... So can finish it, hehe...

    Me too loves mango pudding and shark fin... hehe...


    Ya, have a lot of variety to choose from...

    3 hungry tummies

    Everything i eat a bit, hehe...


    Ya, a lot of variety to choose from...


    Won't forget about u, hehe...

    Dear Sock Peng

    The foods there so so only...

  5. many dishes.. how much does that cost in singapore?

  6. reanaclaire

    After taxes should be ard S$30 per person....


    Thank you for your well-wishes...

  7. 这么多东西吃,肯定吃得非常饱咧!@_@

  8. Vincent

    Ya, a lot of things to eat... hehe...


    They have quite a no. of variety to choose from...

  9. if one day i travel at singapore,sure i will come to ur "house" to find the infor.

    the restaurant which u r introducing so attractive & foods look delicious.

  10. Michelle

    Thank you for visiting my blog...

    Hope to see u here more often... hehe...


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