Thursday, April 19, 2018

Week 15 (Part 4)

14th Apr (Sat)

My mum doesn't wants to go Church, so after service, I was at Bukit Merah View having my early dinner.


with curry chicken

half salted egg

french bean

Surprise it only cost $3 as I thought it will come up to around $4.

15th Apr (Sun)

3rd Sunday of the month, Zone 3 Senior Friendship Circle breakfast session.  My mum throw tantrum by saiding she doesn't want to go, want to stay at home.  Have to sweet talk her to go.

nasi lemak

with a packet of kueh

Went to a relative place in the afternoon, as i'm not very hungry, has yam paste with ginkgo nut and pumpkin @ $3.80 before going back.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Week 15 (Part 3)

13th Apr (Fri)

At first, was thinking not going PPHCSC, while my mum was waiting for the transport at the void deck, bump into two aunties staying next block mentioning about going PPHCSC for the breakfast session, so as usual, walk over to PPHCSC for the breakfast session.

As usual, bee hoon with youtiao and egg, which I have to swallow and walk back to make sure my mum board the transport.

When the transport arrive, the Malay guy was mentioning that his wife is darling, the staff driving the elderly to the Day Care Centre is his driver, he gave her $2 for the trip, my mum is security guard, one of the elderly auntie inside the transport is a cooker doing the cooking, the other guy inside the transport is a cleaner doing the cleaning.

After the transport left, walk back to PPHCSC to chit chat.

Since nowaday, for dinner, I don't take carb, I'm lazy to cook rice for my mum's dinner.  I went to pack food for her dinner at the neighbourhood.  Few days back, pass by a bakery shop and saw their 烧包, inside is chicken as they do have Malay customers, I like it, so was back to buy it.  $1.50.

One of the game my mum group play, there are 7 of them in the group, as usual, the noisiest person in the group is the Malay guy.

My mum's tea break - bao, the Uncle sitting next to my mum was saying that the bao is nice.

Went to kajiao Auntie Goh, the auntie who has always been saiding, I want to go home.  She mention during weekend, her daughter brings her go out.  So I kajiao her, auntie, your daughter brings you go out, you bring me can. Her answer is, my daughter brings me out, I cannot bring you out, lol.

All along, I never notice flower in the Community Centre compound, today I walk slowly, then I notice the flower.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week 15 (Part 2)

11th Apr (Wed)

The other day at the Caregiver Support Group, a lady was mentioning about Fairprice supermarket Discount Scheme for Immobile Seniors.

On Monday and Thursday, Pioneer Generation Card entitle the Pioneers to 3% discount at the Fairprice supermarket, while on Tuesday, Seniors (Singaporean and PR age 60 and above) are entitle to 2% discount.

This discount scheme allow the authorized person to buy on behalf of the Seniors who are immobile  on the day and enjoy the discount.

To apply for the privilege card, I have to attach medical records or doctor memo, etc. with the completed form and summit  to any Fairprice supermarket or at the office in Fairprice Hub.  I was told, if summit at any Fairprice supermarket, it will take longer to process as they need to dispatch to the office at Fairprice Hub, whereby if I summit to the office at Fairprice Hub, will be faster.

I only have a discharge summary from the other time my mum was in hospital.  So I thought I will go directly to Fairprice Hub and check if that will be ok.

I was told that the discharge summary is ok and once they have process it, they will mail it to me.

Since I was at Fairprice Hub, not much variety of foods to choose, and I was not keen in fast foods. I was at the food court having a bowl of yong tau foo soup with yee mee @ $4 which I find the price was cheap at food court level with air con.

yee mee

As my mum ask me to go to the Day Care Centre, went in the afternoon.  There were some ITE students there doing some activities with some elderly and the Malay newcomer was one of them.  As I'm a busybody, I was there kaypo-ing.  Overheard him telling the students, he's a Hollywood singer.  And my mum also become his so called "darling".

My kaki Sharon mum passed away at the age of 96 on Monday morning. Went to the wake and on tbe way home, was at Hougang Mall walking one round and also cracking my head on what to buy back for my mum to eat when I saw this place Desserts Story.  So bought the pumpkin cake, carrot cake and yam cake @ $3.80

12th Apr (Thur)

I sign up for the Community Basic Health Screening at the Community Centre near my home on 11th March.  Was told, if required, we will be informed vis SMS to see doctor and collect the report in person from 10th April to 12th May 2018.  There are 3 location in which we can choose the Clinic we want to see doctor and collect report, if required.  If the result is normal, the result will be mailed to my address 4 - 5 weeks after the screening event. 

I received the sms asking me to see doctor and collect report.  Since the Clinic is near to where my mum Day Care Centre is, after seeing Doctor, went to the Day Care Centre.

My mum's lunch - brown rice with cabbage, chicken, fried tofu.

As for my lunch, grilled chicken chop $5.50 at a nearby eatery shop which I find ok only.

The Chinese Ministry Pastor and volunteers from PPH Brethren Church went in, in the afternoon to entertain the elderly.

They brought over a cake to celebrate the birthday for those born in the month of April.  So, the elderly tea break was a slice of cake and an oneh oneh.

Dessert for the elderly

Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 15 (Part 1)

9th Apr (Mon)

Monday blues, my mum ask me to go to the Day Care Centre, so told her that I will go in, in the afternoon.

There's a newly open yong tau foo stall at a coffeeshop near my place and in my list to try.

yong tau foo soup @ $3

1 pc of chee cheong fun @ $1

While in the Day Care Centre, phew, the Malay guy was sitting in the other table.

There's this, elderly auntie, who mention she's 80 years old, and she's new, just started on 2th April, her children has register for her to go to the Day Care Centre months back and has paid for it, but she doesn't wants to go.  The Day Care Centre has been calling and asking about it.

I like to disturb her.  She has been saying I want to go home, if the transport comes and doesn't see her, the transport left, how huh.

While back, the staff sending my mum back mention he will be sending my mum last as the Malay guy is noisy and he will send him back first.

A cup of yuan yang @ $1.80 before going for the Caregiver-to-caregiver Education Program.  It has comes to the last lesson Advocacy.  Next Monday will be the graduation day.

10th Apr (Tue)

The other day, after the Caregiver Support Group talk by the speaker, while chit chatting during the refreshment, a lady was mentioning about a roasted duck rice stall which her mum's like as the duck meat was not hard and it was soft which make it easy for her mum to chew.  She patron the stall often.  So I ask her where is it, she mention at Yew Tee, after coming out from the Yew Tee MRT gantry gate, turn right and will see the stall.

Since Yew Tee is not very far from my place, there a supermarket at Yew Tee Point which I can buy my grocery, decided to go try out the roasted duck rice.

Had roasted duck rice @ $3.50, thumb up.  Bought a packet of braised duck rice back for my mum's dinner, I tried the braisd duck,  I find that I will prefer the roasted duck.

The chilli is nice that I have to go for second round.

There's a Toast Box there, has been a while I had bo luo yao, after buy grocery, was there for a cup of coffee and bo luo yao @ $3.70.

While home, my mum was telling me, I didn't go to the Day Care Centre as in the morning, she ask me to go to the Day Care Centre.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Book review - When Breath becomes air

Book review - When Breath becomes air

Paul Kalanithi, a Neurosurgical Chief Resident, was on the verge of completing his training as a Neurosurgeon, when he started losing weight and having ferocious back pain. 

He went to see his primary care doctor and wanted to get an MRI to confirm his diagnosis.  But the doctor suggest X-rays first as MRI for back pain is expensive.  

The X-rays looks fine and they chalked the symptoms up to hard work and an aging body.  A follow-up appointment was scheduled.

A few weeks later, Paul Kalanithi began having bouts of  severe chest pain and some nights, he woke up on soaked sheets, dripping sweat.  His weight began dropping again. Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.

After medical school, Lucy, Paul Kalanithi newly married wife whom he got to know in the first year of medical school,  headed to California to begin their residences.

Paul Kalanithi and Lucy had always planned to have kids at the end of Paul residency.  They went to the sperm bank, to preserve gametes and options.  Cancer drugs would have an unknown effect on his sperm, to keep his chance of having children, they have to freeze sperm before he started treatment.

Paul was now no longer the man who loved hiking, camping, running, who expressed his love through gigantic hugs, who threw his giggling niece high in the air.

Five stages of grief :
Denial -> Anger -> Bargaining -> Depression Acceptance

First-line therapy (Tarceva), Second-line therapy (chemo)

Just before nine o'clock on Monday, March 9, 2015, Paul lids apart and eyes closed, he inhaled and released one last, deep, final breath.

Paul was survived by his large, loving family, including his wife, Lucy, and their daughter, Elizabeth Acadia.

Paul was buried in a willow casket at the edge of a field in the Santa Cruz Mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a coastline studded with memories - brisk hikes, seafood feasts, birthday cocktails.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Week 14 (Part 4)

7th Apr (Sat)

As i have a Caregiver Support Group to attend, so no Church for me today.

Ever since my mum went Day Care Centre, we didn't eat at the Food Centre near my house.  So I ask her, if she wants to go down to eat.

Ordered a yong tau foo as request by my mum (which I didn't take picture).  Then ask my mum if she wants chee cheong fun, she's ok, so order a plate @ $1.60 to share.

I cannot resist the chicken wing, so order it @ $1.50.

As my Caregiver Support Group was at Jurong Point, thought I will go for my brunch before going for the talk.

Hot & Sour Soup @ $2.80

Braised Pork Bun @ $2.90

Jurong Point Shopping Mall
Singapore 648886
Tel : 6474 7263

Topic for the day is Medical Care in Dementia by Dr Vina Doshi, Consultant Geriatrician, AgeWELL ARTSZ Medical Group Pte Ltd.  Refreshment is serve after the session.

8th Apr (Sun)

Since I didn't go church yesterday, go church today.  If I were to tell my mum go church, guess most likely, her answer will be, want to stay at home.  So tell her, today go Senior's club (Day Care Centre).

Go PPH Brethren Church as there's transport provided.  When we were at the void deck, told my mum, the staff from the Senior's Club is on leave today, there will be another driver taking over, but we got to walk to PPHCSC there to wait for the transport.

After the service, while at the refreshment area, this lady, a hi bye friend, was sitting beside me.  She's curious to know how much I paid for my mum's Day Care Centre fee.  Reply her there's Government subsidy, then the part comes where she ask for the amount I have to pay, that I told her confidential.

Actually, my mum wanted to go home, told her, since we're out, we go Harbourfront makan and jalan jalan then go back.

Was at Seah Im Food Centre and my mum wanted her favourite duck porridge.  This stall has been around for a long time.

I had seafood soup @ $4 with a rice @ $0.50.  Total : $4.50.  At first, I was thinking, how come seafood soup, only fish and sotong, but no prawn, only to realise there are two small prawns when gonna finish eating.

After walking a round at Harbourfront, my mum was saiding want to go home, told her, we go for a cup of coffee first then go back.  She wants her favourite place, Heavenly Wang.  When we were there, ask her if we just order drink or anything she wants to eat.  She then said macaroni, have to double confirm with her if she can finish anot, as I still full after eating the seafood soup with rice, just in case she eat a bit and said full, my stomach no room for it already.  She said she still can eat, so order the chiicken macaroni set @ $7.80.

Comes with a slice of kaya butter bread

and a large cup of coffee

On the way home, in the bus, bump into a neighbourhood neighbour, she's an old friend of a church friend of mine.  She knows my mum goes to the Day Care Centre.  She has my handphone number, all along, she never ask how's my mum at the Day Care Centre.  Whether my mum is ok at the Day Care Centre.  The thing she start to ask me is how much I pay for my mum Day Care Centre fee.  Told her got Government subsidy.  She then keeps asking me how much, how much, I was not keen to tell her the amount, so I reply her, I got to pay, she then said you don't know how much you pay meh.  I was frustrated that she keeps asking me hiw much I pay, so I reply her, why you want to know how much I pay, confidential.  She then tell me, you said confidential, so to say, you can afford it.  In my heart, I was thinking, if I can't afford it, you going to help me pay meh since you keep asking the amount.  So to say, money is more important than my mum well-being. Then tell me my mum see doctor, medicine, all need money. Money, money, money, haiz...

Went for the 5pm Sundays at the Park workout.  Saw Auntie Lee, she was there waiting for the cantonese auntie who's there for the workout.

As the other time, she mention her granddaughter starting Polytechnic in April, so I ask her, auntie, when is your granddaughter starting her Polytechnic.  She then said, her granddaughter buy laptop, buy sport shoe, make spectacular, school fee, already cost a lot of money.

Money, money, I wonder today will I dream about money when I sleep since today the topic is about money.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Week 14 (Part 3)

6th Apr (Fri)

At first, I was thinking of not going PPHCSC for the breakfast session as every week, very crowded, with 100 over people.  Then realise, it's the first Friday of the month, they will have birthday celebration for those born in the month and bingo game.

While my mum was waiting for the transport, I quickly walk over to PPHCSC.

Bee hoon with you tiao, there's also a small bowl of porridge in which I didn't take picture.  I have to swallow the foods and then walk back to make sure my mum board the transport.

After my mum board the transport, walk back to PPHCSC again.  Just nice, birthday celebration starts, after that, the tart is distribute among everyone.

Then bingo time

In the afternoon, went to the Day Care Centre to kaypoh a bit.

There's this Malay newcomer, who just started on 2nd April and same transport with my mum, as staying same kampong, but different block.  On Monday, when I went to the Day Care Centre, I was surprise to see him sitting in the same table as my mum.  As usually, my mum sits in the same table with Uncle Chin and Uncle Lim.  They change Uncle Lim to sit at another table.  Uncle Chin and Uncle Lim goes to the Day Care Centre every day.  From what I understand, the Malay newcomer will go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

But when I reach today, they arrange him to sit with 2 other of his same race.  Phew, lucky not in the same table.  Finger cross, not too sure if next week, will he still be sitting in the same table with Uncle Chin and my mum.

This Malay newcomer, the first day when I saw him when the transport pick my mum, he gave me a french kiss, then at the Day Care Centre, darling here, darling there.  Guess his wife is used to it, his wife accompany him there.

Today, again, darling.  One of the staff told me to bring my mum to the afternoon activity area. Before bring my mum to the activity area, I went to talk to his wife, where he interrupt. The staff was telling me not to talk too much to him.  He was in the same group activity with my mum.  Total, there are 8 of them in the group.  They were sitting in a circle.  Using a plastic chopstick, they were ask to pass rubber band round to each other.  Beside the Malay newcomer is an elderly auntie, when it was his turn to pass the rubber band, he called the elderly auntie, darling.   There are three elderly there, the helper is with the elderly every day.  One of the helper tell him, call auntie, don't call darling.

Tea break for my mum, bread with mayonnaise egg.  Too slow, my mum took the other half first before I could take picture.

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