Monday, January 7, 2019

First weekend of the year

5th Jan (Sat)

In the morning, ask my mum if she wants to go elsewhere to makan, she's ok, so we were at West Coast Food Centre.

I had chicken wing nasi lemak with an add on @ $4, which is my breakfast cum lunch.

As I was schedule to work tomorrow, went for Saturday hokkien service.  Was at Redhill Food Centre for early dinner where I had salted egg chicken rice @ $5.

6th Jan (Sun)

I was schedule for work.  After work, was at Jurong Point Malaysia Boleh as I was craving for pan mee.

Pan mee @ $4

The mee

Saw a new bakery MuYoo, was tempted to buy the bread, bought a Lemon Cheesy Dragon @ $2.90.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

First weekday of the year

31st Dec (Mon)

As I didn't knock off on time and I need to rush back home, bought a packet of mixed rice from Jurong East Interchange.

Mixed rice with chicken, fried egg and vegetable @ $3

1st Jan (Tue)

As New Year is a Public Holiday, it's double pay and I was schedule to work.

As the Day Care Centre does not opens on Public Holiday, I can relax.  After work, I was at Jurong West 500+ there as I need to buy things.

Went to the food centre, some  of the stalls was not open.  Had fishball soup,

with mi tak back @$3

2nd Jan (Wed)

I had a heavy breakfast, then while at work, a colleague bless us with chicken rice (didn't take picture).

So my dinner is a taro pie (meal provided)

and a bun with luncheon meat and egg @$1.90

3rd Jan (Thur)

My initial plan was to eat burger, but another colleague bless us with chicken nasi briyani.

When I saw my manager eating it, I was stunned as the rice was really a lot.

4th Jan (Fri)

Burger day.

This round, I had tendercrisp chicken burger, fee : meal provided

Monday, December 31, 2018

Last weekend of the year

29th Dec (Sat)

I was schedule to work today.  After work, I was at Malaysia Boleh at Jurong Point as I was craving for the bak chang that is selling there.

Bak chang with salted egg yolk @ $3.50

The inside of the bak chang

30th Dec (Sun)

My mum is ok to go church.

After service, lunch (nasi lemak) is provided

As my mum didn't manage to finish the nasi lemak earlier on, after coming back, was at the food centre where she had wanton kway two @ $3.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Christmas weekday

24th Dec (Mon)

The Day Care Centre is close on Christmas eve, but I need to work.  The only thing is that I do not need to rush back.  

Was at the eatery place near my workplace for my early lunch.  Had medium prawn thick bee hoon @ $4.

25th Dec (Tue)

Christmas day, but I need to work.  After work, I was at Isetan Westgate supermarket looking at  the bento set.

Nero teriyaki bento set @ $14.80 for my mum

I had teriyaki chicken bento set @ $8.80 

26th Dec (Wed)

Burger day.

As usual, long chicken burger - my own creation,  fee : meal provided

27th Dec (Thur)

Mixed rice from Jurong East Bus Interchange.

Fish fillet, steamed egg and pig liver @ $3.80

28th Dec (Fri)

There a eatery place at the building where I work selling sushi, but I have not patron the store before.  This round, I stop by to take a look.

Bought a set $4.50

Monday, December 24, 2018

Weekend before Christmas

22nd Dec (Sat)

Attend Saturday church service.

Since Christmas is around the corner, food is serve after the service

Rush back as there's a Christmas event by PPH Brethren Church/PPHCSC.

Dinner is an egg prata and a plain prata

Also there is chicken wing with fries

23rd Dec (Sun)

Zone 2 RC Senior Friendship Circle is on every forth Sunday of the month.  Bring my mum to the Senior Friendship Circle.

Mee siam is serve

During lunch time, my mum wants to go downstairs for lunch.  Order a fried mee sua @ $5 to share.

And a seafood soup @ $4 to share

Sunday, December 23, 2018

A normal weekday

17th Dec (Mon)

It  can be stressful when I was ask to extend due to waiting for colleague to come for work or after they come back from break as I need to watch the time and rush back before the transport brings my mum back.

My mixed rice @ $3.40 from Jurong East Interchange where I had curry chicken, tofu and steamed egg.

18th Dec (Tue)

Burger day.

As usual long chicken burger

19th Dec (Wed)

I was planning to have fishball noodle when I saw laksa, quite sometimes didn't eat it already, so order a bowl @ $5 from the eatery place at basement 2 of Westgate.

But in the end, maybe due to indigestion, vomited out what I eat at night.

20th Dec (Thur)

Had mixed rice.

My mixed rice which had vegetable, steamed egg and sweet and sour pork @ $3.40. 

21st Dec (Fri)

Some issues with my mum which I had to bring her to the doctor.  After everything is settle, bring her to the Day Care Centre.  After seeing that she has taken her lunch during lunch time.  I make my way to Jurong West 500+ there to have my lunch and also to buy things.

Had sliced fish porridge with egg @ $3.50

Bought 2 popiah @ $1.60 each home

Pass by a bakery shop and can't resist the temptation, bought 100g of CNY goodies @ $3.

Monday, December 17, 2018

It's weekend

15th Dec (Sat)

I was schedule to work, after work, was at the eatery place near my workplace for my early dinner.

Kway chap ingredients

The kway, total for the kway chap is $4

16th Dec (Sun)

3rd Sunday of the month, Zone 3 Senior Friendship Circle.

Since they have extra, I get to eat too

Manage to make it for the 2nd english service in church.  After service, was at Redhill food centre where I had shrimp dumping noodle @ $4.50. 

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