Sunday, January 6, 2019

First weekday of the year

31st Dec (Mon)

As I didn't knock off on time and I need to rush back home, bought a packet of mixed rice from Jurong East Interchange.

Mixed rice with chicken, fried egg and vegetable @ $3

1st Jan (Tue)

As New Year is a Public Holiday, it's double pay and I was schedule to work.

As the Day Care Centre does not opens on Public Holiday, I can relax.  After work, I was at Jurong West 500+ there as I need to buy things.

Went to the food centre, some  of the stalls was not open.  Had fishball soup,

with mi tak back @$3

2nd Jan (Wed)

I had a heavy breakfast, then while at work, a colleague bless us with chicken rice (didn't take picture).

So my dinner is a taro pie (meal provided)

and a bun with luncheon meat and egg @$1.90

3rd Jan (Thur)

My initial plan was to eat burger, but another colleague bless us with chicken nasi briyani.

When I saw my manager eating it, I was stunned as the rice was really a lot.

4th Jan (Fri)

Burger day.

This round, I had tendercrisp chicken burger, fee : meal provided


  1. The taro pie and chicken nasi briyani look and sound very appealing to me.

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