Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hort Park

It has been quite sometimes since i had a walk in the park, had a walk in Hort Park last Sun morning.  Below are pictures taken in the park. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sarawak Laksa & Bian Rou

The other time, i tried the Kampua Mi at this stall, U Mi Chiak at Taman Jurong, this round, i was there to try the Sarawak Laksa.

Manage to chat with the lady for a while, she's from Sarawak, the stall is run by her hubby and her. She mention, the Kampua Mi, she ordered from a factory making mee by giving them the recipe on how she wanted the Mi to be.  I told her, i thought the mi, she ordered from Sarawak, in which she reply, if she ordered from there, the bowl of Kampua Mi, she's selling now, has to be higher than $3.50 cos of the air freight

A bowl of Sarawak Laksa cost $4

The bowl of Sarawak Laksa has beehoon, 2 prawns, shredded egg, shredded chicken.  The soup is just nice, not too thick and not diluted.

Chilli Sauce for the Sarawak Laksa

Bian Rou at $3 (14 pc)

Soup for the Bian Rou

U Mi Chiak
Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre
3 Yung Sheng Road, #03-168
Singapore 618499
Tel : +65 9473 2535

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Koung's Wan Tan Mee

Friend recommended this Wantan Mee in Geylang, since i had something on, on Sunday, i went for the Saturday evening Church service.  This Wantan Mee stall is not far from the church that i'm attending, was there to try it out before attending service.

We have to order and pay first for the foods

Then we were given a number

Wantan Mee @ $3.80

It's situated inside a coffeeshop in this building

Buses that passes by there

Koung's Wantan Mee
205 Sims Avenue off
Lor 21A Geylang

Opening Hours : 7.30am to 9.30pm
Closed on Mon

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


When i saw the  Honey Soy Sauce Chicken from Mui Mui blog, i was tempted to do it, i had a packet of chicken fillet in the fridge, so used to made it.

Another item that attracted me from  Mui Mui's blog is the Crumbed Boxing Drumlets, but mine is the lazy version i did not do as what Mui Mui's did in her blog, but just season it and coated with what as in the recipe.  I coated too much breadcrumb as above.

The 2nd round, i used mid-wing to prepared the Honey Sauce Chicken and marinate overnight which i find tastier.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak

I used to attend the church nearby this Food Centre, but as the church has a new Centre, i went to the new Centre and has not came here for quite a long time.

Last Sun, i attended the morning service, after the service, went there for my brunch.

Since i was in the mood, join in the queue for this stall Nasi Lemak

A few choices to choose from

Had the full house at $4.50

Monday, May 11, 2015

Homecooked Lunch by LJ (9th May)

Friend LY, invited AYC and i over to her place for a gathering and she prepared lunch for us.  Below are what she has prepared.

Veg. (not to sure what's the name of the veg) with lean meat

Braised pork with mushroom

Braised mid-chicken wing



我的最爱- 饺子

Friday, May 8, 2015


This western food, Chris has blog about it before.  They had it at few different place.  I had it at West Coast.

After order was taken, was given a number, when the order was ready, it will light up and we can go collect the food we ordered.

Grilled White Fish with Pesto Cream, Pasta & Salad ($6.90)

1/4 Roasted Chicken with Chips & Salad ($7.90)

501 Collin's Grille Bento
501 West Coast Drive
Singapore 120501
Opening Hours ; 11am - 9.30pm

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vow Renewal Ceremony

I have attended Wedding's but not Vow Renewal Ceremony.  This is my first time attending Vow Renewal Ceremony. 

My Associate Cell-group leader and his wife has been married for 10 years, but as he was not a Christian at that time of the marriage, it was not conducted and solemnized in Church.  April 30th was their 10th Wedding Anniversary and they have a Vow Renewal Ceremony in Church.

Order of Service

Our Zone Pastor conducted the Ceremony

Dinner was served and i loves the laksa

Everyone was given a token

Homebaked muffin

But towards the end of the event, something crop up, the helper had an asthma attack, the couple suppose to bring the helper to collect medicine that day, but as they were busy that day, they didn't do it and that night after the event,  the parents of the couple (the wife), brought the helper to the nearest clinic and the couple brought the 3 young kids home.

Thank God that the helper is all right now.

Monday, May 4, 2015

U Mi Chiak

Happen to come across this stall at Taman Jurong Food Centre selling Kampua Mi, wanting to try the Kampua Mi or the Sarawak Laksa, so in the end, i  choose Kampua Mi.

Had a quick snap of the menu board as the space was narrow and there's people passing by.

Ordered a bowl of Kampua Mi (Dry) at $3.50

The mi

The Chilli Sauce

U Mi Chiak
Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre
3 Yuan Sheng Road, #03-168
Singapore 618499
Tel : +65 9473 2535

Next round, i wanna try the Sarawak Laksa which is available from Thur to Sun.

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